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maternal health

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will having lots of kids be detrimental to the mother's health? Like make her weaker or more prone to illnesses as she has more and more children?


If the mom is healthy to begin with, then this isnt an issue. However, if the mom is sickly to begin with then maybe one or two children, depending on doctor's advice. maybe even zero :(


I agree...women in the early days gave birth to lots of children...

But maybe you mean get sick because she has lots of kids to take care of and other stuff... but you know we have a choice now as to how many children we want to bear...


well, having lots of kids will deplete here stored calcium as she gives part of her stores to her kids...this will make her at risk for osteoporosis.


It seems nowadays more families are just into 1 or 2 kids at most. Probably part of the family planning thing going on. Then again maybe it's because times are hard. Having more children isn't any wiser. Thought it was something for the mother's health that I didn't know about.

Alright thanks you all lovely ladies. :]