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is pre-natal care really necessary?

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is pre-natal care really necessary?


Pre-natal care assures that your unborn baby and the mother are both alright. Pre-natal care can also look for some diseases like anemia, diabetes and others that may affect the health of both individuals. Remember that during pregnancy, the mother and the baby are both at risk and having pre-natal care can address whatever needs to be done and also monitors weight and other important stats for both mother and baby.


Yes pre-natal care is very important.


Pre-natal care deals with two things: the mother's health and the baby's health. Mothers and babies in the womb affect each other's well being. So pre-natal care is really important for the mom and baby


It can also detect high risk pregnancies and any abnormalities during the pregnancy.

Geraldine _W

Pre-natal care helps doctor spot problems and treat them early. Women who do not have pre-natal care are 5x more likely to have complications than those who have pre-natal care.