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What are my chances???

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I had abortion done two years ago, none complications. Then I got pregnant year after the abortion, hoping to keep it, but I misscarried when I was 4 weeks. Now, I am trying to get pregnant again. It has been two years since I had abortion and year and half almost since I misscarried. We have unprotected sex every day, honestly every day, hoping to get pregnant. I do not know why but I have a feeling like I cant. I want it so bad though....My period was weird a month ago. it only lasted three days and was not that heavy like usually so i got excited. i took 7 pregnancy tests but they all came negative. I feel kind of tired and I feel like my vagina is a little bit swollen but nothing else. I am getting sick of trying and I am affraid that I will give up...My period is due 23 so I hope it wont come and test will come positive..


The easiest way to judge your ovulation is to chart your period. Women are usually fertile 14 days before they are due to have their period. So if you are on a 28 day cycle, count backwards 14 days. Have intercourse during these days to increase your chances of conceiving. You can also buy an ovulation test kit and do a test to increase chances even more.

Good luck!


I dont think your abortion or your misscarriage can have a bearing with your fertility. Bear in mind that two years has passed and as a woman ages, her chances of conceiving also go down.