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Scared and unsure. Pull out method

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had unprotected sex with my bf and for the first time and it didn't hurt. The thing is we did did the pull out method and he pulled it out the came....Is it possible to get pregnant off of pre-cum? I don't think so but any reassurance would be great. And the thing is I'm young. too young. Im only 14 and im scared. I regret it so much. Do you know where I could get birth control with out my parents knowing? I'm not going to do it again, but I want it just in case I get stupid. Also how I could buy a pregnancy test without anyone knowing? I live in a small town where everyone knows everyone and i dont want the ladies at the store to tell my parents.
Thank you


Why not order the pregnancy test online?


That method is called the Pull and Pray method for a reason. Its unreliable for birth control. A lot of pregnant women relied on the pull and prey.

Your most likely safe, and not pregnant, but I wouldn't ever trust that method again.

Just buy condoms. they are $7 for a pack of three. If the boy doesn't have the nuts to grab a box of condoms and take them to a register, you shouldn't let him sleep with you. Or you should buy them yourself. Its just like buying tampons, its embarrassing but what the heck are they going to say to you? No one would say no. Seriously, tell the boy to buy them or he isn't getting any.


I would say do not have sex at 14 . . . this is so wrong!


Heey, I know how worried you must have been. I know its kinda late only writing back right now, when u posted this in August ... but im worried about the same things right now aswell. Write back if your ok , and if you know if your pregnant or not ! been looking at alot of information lately so I can possibly help you out:)
Hope your ok ! :)


Yeahh. I'm safe. lol. Learned the lesson though. but the stress caused my period to be like a week late. So dont do it