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Pregnant after 2 mos

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A friend is pregnant again 2 mos after giving birth to her eldest. Is this safe? Are there any risks to getting pregnant right away after giving birth?


2 months...woah! i think it should be fine providing that the first child was a normal birth and not a c section? because if it was a csection then i imagine it would have some effect on the stitches?

but you know, with proper maternal care and pre-natal care then everything should be fine!!!

good luck to your friend!


my brother and I are almost exactly a year apart. that means my mom got pregnant with baby bro 2-3 months after i was born. we are both fine :) and so is my mom :)


as long as the doctor says ok should be no problem!!! but it can be a problem for women who had a cesarean birth before since i read somewhere that doctors advice at least 2 years before trying for another one.


lots of families have kids with minimal birth spacing. As long as mom is healthy to bear kids and the they are monitored through frequent pre natal care, it should be no problem for both of them!!!

cheers and good luck!