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Missed Period While Using Contraception

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Im 17 years old, and have had my period since i was 11. I have been on birth control since i was 14, to help with cramping and pms. I have been on the same kind of birth control method for over1 .5 years, and i have only recently become sexually active. Me and my boyfriend ensure that we always are safe and use a condom, and he never enters me without a condom, so there is no pre-ejaculation.

My last period was at the beginning of november, and i didnt screw up my birth control at all, and i should of had my period on saturday, and its monday, and nothing. Should i be worried?


using condoms and birth control is a pretty safe bet. Unless the condom broke, slipped off, or you used oil based lubricant, you probably don't have anything to worry about. to help put your mind at ease (or find a highly improbably outcome) take a pregnancy test and/or visit your local planned parenthood office. They will offer free or low cost pregnancy tests, plus someone to talk to about what to do next, talking to parents, etc if you happen to be pregnant


turns out, i had nothing to worry about. i got my period just 5 hours after posting this.
thanks for the advice though. :)


you know what they say.... you can't set a clock to your period.... LOL!


wow birth control pills and a condom... you are really a responsible teenager!