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Just found out I'm Pregnant...Don't know what to do:(

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I'm 18 years old, going to University and in a fairly new relationship. The pregnancy was unplanned and I'm confused about what I should do....I know I couldn't go through with's hurt too much. The leaves Abortion and keeping it....The problem is, is that i'm young and frankly scarred. I know I could provide a life for a child if I needed to, it wouldn't be the best, but I could potentially do it, with that said, if I waited and finished school i could provide a great life for a child, but is this enough reason to abort this child and wait.....I know no one can answer these questions but....Just would like to hear some opinions. :S


Well, the best person to answer your question is yourself. You said it yourself: "I could provide a life for a child if I needed to, it wouldn't be the best, but I could potentially do it". I'm sure that your child will appreciate your effort and will teach him/her the value of hardwork. Some people start families with even less than what you have. If you are strong and brave enough, then you have a very good chance of surviving early motherhood!


This is a tough situation that many young women seldom find themselves in. You are faced with 2 sides of the coin: morality and practicality.

If you go on the moral grounds then you are faced with becoming a mother at a very young age. Not to mention that it's not gonna be easy. For one, you might have to stop school for this. You may have to start working for your baby's needs also. There are several other factors I'm not even gonna mention here. The good thing is that being a mother, having a child is not a curse. It's a blessing!

On the other hand there's the practical side. Are you ready for this? Do you want to have the baby or not? If not then there's your answer - Abortion. Studies show that unwanted pregnancies/babies have some dire effects later on in the life of that human being. But baby aside, like you said, you want the baby first and put your education, your future on hold? That's something only you can answer for yourself. Of course you can always go back to University once you've taken care of everything. That may take some time.

Good luck on whatever you decide. You're still young, plenty of time so always think of the consequences first before you do anything that might not be good for you in the long run. =)


any input on your partner's side? its his kid too you know...


i would love and hate to be u all at the same time hun... a baby!!!! *smile* the timing *frown*. in my opinion... its ur opinion. i hope things play as best they can with the hand uve been delt