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My boyfriend of four years and i have been really careful about making sure i don't get pregnant until about two weeks ago. i missed one of the days i was supposed to take my birth control pill (trivora) and he ejaculated. i haven't really been stressing out about it untill i went to the doctors a few days ago with symptoms of food poisoning (or possibly the beginnings of morning sickness?). so i looked up ths symptoms online and found that i am going through the following: breast tenderness, darkening of veins around the breasts, abdominal swelling or bloating, nausea, headaches, and fatigue. i know that stress can also simulate these symptoms but i'd like to knnow your opinion ladies and possibly a few from men who have had girlfriends or wives go through the same experiences. i was also wondering how accurate and how soon you can take a blood test at your doctor's office/health clinic. i haven't told my boyfriend about this yet because i don't want him to get scared of stressed as well. any opinions or advice would be greatly appreciated.