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Implantation bleeding or otherwise?

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The last several months ive kept track that my periods have been happening every 5 weeks - begining of the week. They have always been heavy since my very first period. Last week was 'week 5' and I've been waiting for that heavy period. Of course, it didn't come.

I've been having very light cramping every once in awhile the last two weeks. Cramping next to never occurs, except for maybe durring a period. Well, last week I noticed a pinkish substance on tissue. I Was wearing a red skirt, when my partner and I were goofing, and a little residue got on the skirt. So I figured it was from the skirt. I'm not sure if it's significant but it stands out to me because of all the little things going on. Such as being obscenely tired the last two weeks - though this happens only 2 days before my period and through the first 3 days of having it.

Moving on.. Today I'm not sure if I've finally started my period, going on 7 weeks of not having one. I only noticed some pinkish blood on tissue in the morning. Through out the day it seems to be a steady light period. Its red, light, and ive only had to use 1 pad (I go through 3-4 a day on a regular period). I don't feel it, it's not heavy like every period i've ever had before.

So is this what would be considered implantation bleeding/spotting? Or simply an irregular period? I've been reading a whole lot but direct input would be more reassuring. Especially by those who've gone through this type of pregnancy symptom. I'm already planning to get a test done. However, until then, I'd like to hear opinions of others before I get my hopes up.