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Can you get pregnent if on BC and have irregular periods

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I've been on birth control for over 1 year now, changed 3 different brands, and have been having irregular periods since. I have been on Ortho Tri-cyclan, Yaz and now on a generic version of yaz. I have been getting my period about 2 weeks into the pills for the month and then again durring the sugar pills. I was told that as long as you take your pills every day at around the same time, irregular periods is not an issue that could cause pregnancy. However, I am now four months into the generic version of Yaz pills and this month I have not gotten my period, the sugar pills start today but I have had no sign's of my period yet. Is the information I received incorrect? Or is it still safe to have unprotected sex as long as you take your pills regulary?


Well I have heard that many women on BC pills have been know to get pregnant and not know it, some even continuing with there normal menstrual cycle. Some of these women have even been known to not know they were pregnant till they gave birth. My best advice to you is to see a doctor of buy a pregnancy test from your local pharmacy or drug store.

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