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I was pregnent 5to 6 weeks, but it was unplanned one, so went to doctor and she inserted one tablet, I am little scare about this, Kindly let me know what will be the impact of this, also when i can become pregnent again.

Thanks in advance

Teja N


where are you from? Abortion is illegal in most countries including the States. The "doctor" who helped you can go to jail... and so can u because this is considered as a homicide!


actually, abortion is legal in all states in the US.


does not make them moral! like isobel said it is still a homicide! and after getting rid of one preganancy, getting pregnant again should be the least of your worries!

i dont want to judge but your question contradicts your actions!


Its her body, so its her choice! If she wants an abortion, she is within her rights to get one! If she wants to get pregnant, get an abortion, get pregnant again and get aborted again, its none of our business!


Yes, its one of her rights... but what about the baby's life... nobody asked him what his rights are but one of those is the right to be born!!!

some women take for granted having babies, Im 34 and it took a long time for me to get pregnant, in fact i never thought i would get pregnant. babies are gifts not burdens!


well ignore all the oher ppl.... i kno someone who went through the same thing. except she was further along. i kno there are some side affects to that tablet but it may have been only bc she was further along. but from wat she told me u have to go bac to check up to see if everything is ok. but u should be fine. u shouldnt worry whether u can get preg again or not. if u wanna be sure talk to ur doctor about it


There are many sides to abortion. It's not always the moral issues that people should think about once abortion is mentioned. What if you got raped, heavens forbid, & you got pregnant? Do you really want your rapists child to be born, to remind you everyday of what he did to you?


Hi All,

thanks for the comments, we are married and it was unplanned one, so we went for abortion. I hope this not against to legal in India.


You might regret it so think more than twice!