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very late period

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Hello.. I am knew to the forum.

I am very worried and really need to see if anyone has been through something similar.

I had the copper coil for a number of years.. I my little girl in 2004 and after she was born had the coil put back in. I loved it. Although the past few years my periods were getting heavier and heavier. My doctor suggested the marina. I really wish I hadnt switched. To cut a long story short .. last sept I had the marina put in.. i bled all the time... to the point my iron levels were really low so I asked them to take it out the begining of dec. The did and replaced it with a normal coil. Januarys period was fine.. then feb was a week late.. then march was one week late and i started spotting right the way to April which was also one week late. So, my doctor took it out suggesting it may of slipped. Soon as she took it out.. the spotting stopped. only thing i have not had a period for seven weeks. Im not pregnant. ive took several tests and to be honest because I was spotting all the time we didnt do anything.. and now we have been using condoms since the coil was removed. Im 42.. i have had five children. I told my doctor I still have had no period and she says that because i have been spotting on and off since march she thinks my lining of my womb is very thin and that it will come in time. Im really worried though. What else can cause a missed period? my bloods were checked a few months back because i have been getting some muscle pain.. they were all fine apart from iron.. my hands hurt.. am I perhaps going through menopause?