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severe cramps and bleeding

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My daughter is experiences severe cramps and bleeding with each period... to a point where she can't even function and ibuprofen, motrin, heat, etc.. doesn't touch it. I would really like to avoid the pill and strong muscle relaxants. I am wondering if anyone has any advice.


Hope I can help Isabella, I also have 2 teen daughters who have suffered with menstrual pain. I would suggest Chinese herbs to help balance out the body naturally. I don't mean to plug my product PMS Relief Herb Pac because if you go to an Acupuncturist who knows Chinese herbal medicine they could also prescribe herbs that would help her, not a quick fix but a true root of the problem kind of re-balancing the body. Traditional Chinese medicine has been used for generations in Asia and holds the answers that Western medicine does not fully comprehend. Masking the pain with NSAID's or birth control pills is not the answer. Feel free to contact me here (can't put an email here) if you have more questions. I'm also a primary care physician and Licensed Acupuncturist and herbalist.