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oily skin

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my skin getts oiler as my period gets nearer... so its kinda like PMS for me. Is there a way to minimize this. Its ok during the day coz I wear make-up to work, but when Im in the gym, its kinda embarassing. :P


Blame it on the HORMONES....yeah!


avoid eating oily foods???


i think those hormones stimulate oil glands to make more oil during this period, hence the oilier skin!


no use for this maybe you can wipe your face often? anyways, everybody in the gym is sweaty and oily looking so your oily face isnt really out of place!


you are right Miss Karen, everybody is oily and sweaty in the gym. its just that sometimes I feel more oilier than the rest of them.

And Kathy I did minimize on the oily foods to no avail. Anyways, I just keep wiping... At least at work, there's foundation so I dont worry about that there too much!


tsk tsk... because of this post, I kept wiping my face in the gym today thinking about getting oily too. I guess I was getting paranoid after posting!