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missed period

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I have a somewhat irregular period but it usually comes around the 27th day of my cycle. With that said, I am almost 3 weeks late. My breasts are tender and a couple weeks ago I vomited out of the blue. Now today I had an ultrasound done to check my kidneys and bladder.....I have Spina Bifida. I did not see anything on the screen nor did the radiologist say anything. I am wondering could I be pregnant and if I'm not what is going on......Thanks for you input, and sorry it was such a long post.


Its not a long post at all. Its nice having some information to work with. We get posts here like "Im 13 Am I pregnant?" What am I so-posed to do with that? Im always just tempted to reply "Yes" and close the thread. But I never do. I like helping people too much.

But enough about me, Lets talk about you.

I doubt that three weeks is long enough to see pregnancy on an ultrasound, but I'm not very familiar with newer technology to be completely sure.

Since your at the three week mark, it should be far enough along for an over the counter pregnancy test to be fairly accurate. People always run out and take those tests as soon as they are late, which is bad because those test aren't accurate until weeks into the pregnancy. You should be at the point now where you will get a accurate result. Test it, a little over the three weeks late.

Sorry to hear about the SB. Was it bad enough to require surgery?