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i had sex 3 different times in 3weeks after my menstruation for the month of november.i took birth control pills[everytime ii have sex.but now my period is late.what should i do


how late are you? maybe you should get a couple of pregnancy test kits to see if you are pregnant???


having sex, always ups the chances of pregnancy, especially without protection!


There was a time when I was on the pill but did not have a period for a month! took preg tests and all negative. the gyno eventually gave me medicine for my period to return. so as long as you did not miss any pill, you should not be pregnant.


Hmmm... if you are on the pill then it should be on schedule. did you take a pregnancy test already? If not then get one.


Im confused about my menstral cycle. you see at the end of october i took the plan B and when ever ive taken that i always get a sort of eraly period, but i never count that one so i wait for my next one. i began to worry and it finally came, so i was relieved but forgot to jot down when it was.
now i feel like its been too long with out one. i plan to buy a pregnacy test soon any way just to be certain. but ive been pregnant before and i dont have any signs of pregnacy. why would my period be late?