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home remedy for cramps

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what is your favorite home remedy for menstrual cramps?


drink 2 cups of chamomile tea few days before the onset of your period. continue to drink the tea while having your cycle. a hot compress placed on your lower back should also help ease the discomfort.


heating pad on lower back/abdomen or a hot water bottle plus ice cream! LOL!


Beer! 2 cans of beer eases the pain...probably coz i start to feel dizzy and giddy! LOL!


take a magnesium supplement. this is known to ease cramps


a 10 minute soak in the tub and some comfort food does wonders


Advil or Tylenol if it gets too much! But a soak in the tub works well too!


haha! The chamomile tea and the beer is interesting! Never tried those before. I usually go for the heating pad/hot water bottle though!


there are days when I prefer the drugs and then other days when a soak in the tub is all I need.


i get my partner to do a massage :)

i always ask him to put extra attention to my lower back and his touch is always wonderful and relaxing...