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I've just turned twenty my problem is I've missed my periods this month last time i had them on 28th or 29th sept for bout 5 days...i and my boyfriend had sex on 17th oct ,he used condom except for once but didn't ejaculated inside i had abdomen pain also but the last month was quite hectic also n im also underweight ....could i be pregnant ???should i get a test ???when??? plzzz help....


I generally tell people not to get nervous until your at least ten days late. Most pregnancy tests aren't very accurate until at least two weeks late, but I generally recommend testing at the two and a half week or three weeks.


There is a chance that you are pregnant, although it is very slight (because of precum) but you really won't be able to tell until you are 3 weeks late for your period. I too am going through the same thing, only I'm like 99% possitive I'm preggers cause I'm having every last symptom as well as some other factors. THE MORE YOU STRESS THE LATER YOUR PERIOD COULD BE.


I did a pregnancy test today in the morning it came out to be negetive :)....does that means i'm not pregnant o do i need to take more tests???if yes then when???


You are most likely not pregnant, the only way you could be is if you miss another period, if you do, test again, if your period comes then you are all clear! Be safe so you don't have to deal with the stress of these situations again before you're ready for them...