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getting ready

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I am about to give birth any day now and I have prepared my bag containing maternity pads and tampons. I just want to ask mothers who have gone through getting their periods after pregnancy which type of sanitary alternatives is more dependable during the heavy period after childbirth. Pad or tampon?


You can not use tampons right after giving birth. Your doctor will give you the ok at your 6 wk appointment to use tampons and have intercourse. So in the mean time... Get the biggest pads you can find. Trust me, you will need them. I also bought puppy pads (I know it sounds dumb), to put under me while I slept because the bleeding can be very intense right after birth. That way you dont get blood on your sheets. Hope this helps.


OMG! My sister used diapers when she gave birth! That's how heavy her flow was! So depending on how heavy the flow is, you can use maternity pads =)


Im sure the maternity pads will be OK.