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do you get snippy when you PMS?

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do you get snippy when you PMS? what's the worse thing you've done?


snippy, bitchy, moody and a big pain in the behind! that's me when I PMS.... o_O haha! worst thing i've done....hmmm...make my lil bro cry!


you know the saying "hell hath no fury like a woman scorned"? well i am: "hell hath no fury like Carmen PMS-ing!" ROFL! :))


pms much! haha! yeah i am all of the above when I pms.


snippy yes, worse thing i ever did...kick my partner out of the house because he forgot to put the toilet seat down...yeah I know!


Wow! When I PMS, I just wanna go to sleep! Oh well, to each her own!


worse thing I a tub of ice cream by myself...sob!


Do you know the Incredible Hulk? We're related when we PMS. But I turn red not green...pun intended...hahahahaha!


This is just normal. Every woman in the world who is in her period should be like this. Some are just too much irritable when it is their time. lol! And men, don't try to understand us because you never will. You'll have to be woman to understand this. Raging hormonoes and all that! Rawwrrrr!!!


is this a synonym for b!tchy? then YES!


they call me the Devil's Mistress when I PMS. Worst thing...tsk tsk... YOu dont wanna know... XD