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I am delayed for almost 5 days.. my last period was September 18... But my period is irregular.. pls help.. can I have something to eat or drink to have my menstruation?


Sorry, but there isn't. I know that it's unnerving but you just have to be patient.


ahh ok thanks! so i'll just wait until I have my menstruation? it's almost years since I experience not having you thinenstruation for a month and for a week.. am just worried that I'm pregnant.. :(


i think it will help you if you start eating a lot. Make sure not to exercise or stress too much and it will come. There are also some teas, that help bring on your period. Just look it up online.


can you help me on what tea I can drink? I guess I'm stress at work.. i'll eat a lot?uhmm.. I don't a lot right now but if that's your suggestion, I think I have to try it.. :) thanks!