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"squishy" sex before period??

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ok I know the topic sounds weird but my Boyfriend has told me that I feel squishy during sex just before I start my period. Has anyone else known this to happen? Could it just have been related to something else? I am particularly curious to know because im a little worried I might be Pregnant and if this is related to my period then it simply means I haven't started yet. Im not late yet but todays my last day and im not having any of my normal PMS syptoms (depression, moodiness, ect.)

Thanks for any help.


squishy as in fat? squishy as in your vag makes a squishy sound... define squishy??


lol! i think she means hugable!


i only get 'squishy' when i bloat :)


yeah, it is weird coz i dont understand how "squishy" relates to a suspected pregnancy? LOLZ!