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Usually 'regular'

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I am sexually active, but I'm extremely responsible.
Since I started with my period I only skipped a period once, I'm about 4 days late now.

I've travelled overseas and arrived at home about four weeks ago. I don't know if this has a influence on my period??

I've also been under a hel lot of stress the past 3 weeks. Does this maybe have an effect on my period??

Please help me because I can't be pregnant now! I'm only 16, I've decided that my boyfriend and I won't be having sex again. We're both stressed about this.

I'm extremely tired but I work on school projects till late and get up early in the mornings.

Please please please tell me that pregnacy isn't the cause of my late period!


I wouldn't start worrying until at least ten days late. I wouldn't get a pregnancy test until after two weeks late. The reason is that tests aren't accurate until later. Your prob not pregnant. It was prob the trip overseas.


stress can make you late easily too, I've heard its also very common for your period to be late after traveling over seas because the altitude change effects the body is strange ways... The sooner you stop stressing the sooner your period will come.