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Tight Crotch

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The crotch of my panties are kinda tight. Can this contribute to foul odor when menstrating?


tight fitting panties can cause accumulation of bacteria especially in the crotch area as this is always moist. Foul odor could mean more bacteria than usual.


Another tip: Use cotton panties or panties with cotton lined crotch. Make sure that they aren't too tight to allow the vagina to "breath" (:


try using unscented pads and tampons too. when it comes to panties, sexy is good but it should also be comfortable.


another tip, if you use panty liners or panty shields in between periods, you need to stop. These have plastic barriers that allow more bacteria to breed.


looks like you have to go au naturele. But it's good, you can give your vagina a break :)


Aren't tight panties uncomfortable? wear cotton panties if you can


arent you uncomfortable? i prefer cotton too unless of course I plan on seeing some action later on... *winks* :p