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This is long, but please read! -- Late Period

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I've been sexually active with my boyfriend of a little over a year since June. We've been safe every single time since (roughly 5 times), and he's checked to make sure the condom hasn't broken right after. The last time we did was August 21, and my last period started on August 1st (lasted about 4-5 days, I forget). The condom didn't break that time either.

My period is normally irregular, coming & going at random times throughout the months. But it's been fairly regular since May, when it began on the 6th. Since then through August, my period has been coming regularly at the beginning of the month (June 5, July 3, August 1) except for this month. I've been consciously waiting for it to come, and I'm freaking out so badly now that pregnancy could be a possibility. I've looked up all possible early symptoms of pregnancy, and so far, the only one I've come across is a late period (it's not missed YET)-- my breasts don't feel tender/swollen, I don't feel any more tired that I normally do, I don't feel nauseous/dizzy at any time during the day, no backaches or headaches or weird food cravings.

I've also looked up reasons for late periods and stress, especially emotional, & other factors seem to be more applicable to me. I just started my sophomore year of college (so I'm 19) and moved out for the first time into an apartment, so I'm dealing with the stresses of having to take care of myself, balancing school and extracurriculars while worrying about how i'm going to make money to support myself. I've also been emotionally stressed being away from my boyfriend from so long, after our relationship has taken such a huge step this summer (he goes to school in the south while i'm in the midwest) so that's been a big change.
Illness apparently can play a role in a late period-- I'm not sick, but I've had a somewhat clogged throat & nose since a few of my roommates have been sick. I've also had a big change in schedule since I moved into my apartment in the middle of August-- I spent my freshman year commuting to school from home, which was an hour, so my body clock was used to sleeping around midnight, waking up around 7-ish during the school year to get to class on time, so about 6-7 hours of sleep. During the summer, my body clock was used to getting 6-8 hours of sleep, depending when I had work. Now, I get about 9 hours of sleep 3 days a week and 7-8 hours of sleep 2 days a week PLUS wearing myself out from extracurriculars after classes, and as much sleep as i want during the weekend, so my body's not used to such a strange schedule with different amounts of sleep and way more to do one day than the next.

I'm hoping & praying that stress and the change in schedule are the causes of my late period, but I can't shake the worry that pregnancy is a possibility. I've also heard that consciously waiting for your period/worrying about it not coming contributes to the delay, but I don't know how credible that is.

What should I do? :( My life would absolutely fall apart if I became pregnant.


I didn't see anyplace where you stated the condom broke. If you used common sense and kept his penis away from your vagina before he put on the condom, and the condom never broke, then your not pregnant. Your just late. Its nerve wracking, but it happens.

Condoms break from two reasons. 1) Using an petroleum based lube like Vaseline, 2) putting the condom on without leaving room at the tip for fluids and movement. Don't make these two mistakes and you will never have a problem. Ive been having sex for over 20 years and never had one break yet. (knock on wood)

You said your living with room mates. How many of them are women? The reason that I ask is because of a odd biological phenomenon. Menstrual cycle synchronization. It doesn't happen in all cases, but on a very regular basis, women living together begin having their periods at the same time. Both cycles synchronize to each other. Ive seen this happen several times to different people. Perhaps your just syncing.

Are you on any birth control pills or eating soy products more than usual? (soy beans can hide in lots of fast food things. burger meat, chicken patties, etc.) They can throw you off too because they contain estrogens.


I would say it is stress. I was on time with my periods and then all of a sudden last month it was late. i thought I was pregnant too. Then it came 5 days later. Have you ever noticed your periods off if you were stressed? Do you keep track on a calendar? If so look back and count you cold be able to tell when you were stressed that month or not. I know if I late by 5 days it was stress. I have 2 kids and life situations so sometimes I am off quite often.