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Swiming on while having Cycle

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I know lots of people swim while having their period. but i was just wondering if it's really safe! like bacteria wise, etc


not that i know of, unless of course you plan on swimming the whole day! then you would have a problem since if you will be using a tampon and not changing will increase your chance of TSS


i usually avoid swimming when i have my period.... its just seems "not right" know what i mean?


I swim even when I have my period but I don't stay in the pool too long. So far so good...


Ive swam even surfed while on my period... No problems there!


nope, i dont swim when i have mine...its just wrong...for me anyways!


I personally dont have a problem with this. never contacted bacteria because of swimming while having my period too.


Ok, appreciate all the answers. So most of you done this already? I mean often enough and nothing is bothering you?


yeha I've gone swimming while I had my period many times. nothing wrong with it. do you feel uncomfortable with the idea? don't be. it's rather ok. you should do it too.