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Scared Teen!!!

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Sooo me and my boyfriend have been fooling around. We've never had full blown sex. One night he and I were fooling around and he ejaculated on my stomach. Some of the sperm was around my cliterus but I dont think it ever reached my hole. he has put his penis in my hole a few times but we never went all the way. I missed my period for that month. it normally comes around the 15 or a few days after. I took two home pregnacy test but they both came back negative. my period finally came around the 1st of november I was relieved but I felt like I was out of the woods yet. My lower back has been hurtin but i think I may have pulled a muscle for holdin in my sneezes nd my backpack is SUPER heavy, I really don't know what to do...PLEASE help me


If you got your full period and it was as normal as all your periods have been, then you're safe. If it was shorter and you seemed to spot and it wasn't as heavy of a flow, then you have to wait to see if you get your next period.
You can get pregnant from precum, you can get pregnant from sperm that finds its way into your vagina. That is why its so important to always use a condom or birth control of some sort. Please be safe from now on.


Thanks, ummm idk if i was just scared and just worried but my period didnt feel like my regular period untill the second day. What are somethings that happen or should look for when a girl spots or what not. Im not sure what you mean by spotting. do you still feel like you're on your period?