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Reusable Napkins/Sea Sponges

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I saw these menstrual products alternative on epigee: Reusable Napkins/Sea Sponges. what do you think of them?


Yah, heard of them. This is an alternative to using the disposable kinds since they have bleach in them and some women are sensitive to these kinds of stuff.


so they are reused? isn't this unsanitary? how do you know that germs wont breed in the sponges or reusable napkins? I can understand that some women are sensitive down there...but this is strange


As long as the sea sponges and reuseable napkins are kept in dry places then there is no risk of infection. Think about your panties, you reuse them right? You wash them with warm water and detergent. hang to dry and voila, clean and reusable sanitary products.


Im curious about the sea sponges. what do they look like? how do you put them on?


You can google them to see what they look like. they are used just like tampons. they can be sterelized using tea tree oil.


I did google this and it seems interesting, yeah? but the rinsing and sterilizing part seems a bit messy. coz you need to clean the blood out right? but it's a "green" alternative to tampons and pads. But between sponges and reusable pads I guess the sponges are better coz it's natural.


these can help save the environment. coz they have a life of around 6 months if you take care of them really well. the tea tree oil can be expensive though, the ones i found in ebay are cheaper


the tea tree oil can be expensive and also the sponges themselves. I guess it depends on the brand.

But for the sterilization purposes, they recommend hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and apple cider vinegar as the main components. only 1 or 2 drops of tea tree oil can be added to this type of mixture.


these are the organic kind right? the ones that are found in the sea? not the artificial foamy ones?


Yup, they have to be the organic ones as the artificial variety contain harmful chemicals when they were processed and can irritate the vagina. The organics are also more absorbent!

I was finally able to google sea sponges and reusable pads and personally I like the sea sponges better. I think they are easier to maintain than the pads.


another thread here posted about reusable menstrual cups. i googled and they are cheaper than sponges plus they last longer. i kinda like the idea because you wont need to wash the cup to sterilize. you can just dump the blood and flush. then clean the cup.


the menstrual cap thread has nice details...


I saw a video in Youtube about the menstrual cups on how to put them on and clean them. They seem easy enough but what bothers me about this sort of reusable sanitary product is the size. I know there are smaller sizes but isn't it uncomfortable having something that big lodged up there? Coz they are bigger than tampons. What do you ladies think?