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Please..need any advise...

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i am expecting my period last february 26 or 27 and until now.march 3, i havnt have my period yet. i am very nervous why my period was delayed because i used to have a regular one. But on my previous period, after having my 3-4 day mens i usually have spotting or extra blood after those days which i consider normal for i used to that and many women also experienced the same. But a week later after my period i have spotting again which i consider not normal since its almost week after i had my extra spots/ complete period stops. i just disregard that. Now i had sex with my bf last feb 20- this time i consider it as my safe period.and "that was safe for we are using condoms. Now it's been march 3 already and still i havnt have my period and i am very nervous and paranoid for that...What coud be the reason? recently i am experiencing cramping and pain in lower abdomen..and still hoping for my next period even if its delayed...May you please advise me...many thanks!