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I stopped having my period at the age of 17, I even lost the symptoms. I'm 26 now and according to the doctor nothing is wrong with me, but not having my period makes me worried cause I want to be able to have a child. The doctor said there was nothing wrong with my reproductive organs yet they can't tell me why I have stopped bleeding. If someone can help me I would greatly appreciate it.


No periods can be caused by being underweight. Its common for professional athletes to stop having their periods at all.

If this doesn't seem like you, then consider your diet. Your body has to make chemicals and hormones on a daily basis. Since most people have a very limited diet, this doesn't give your body a complete list of the raw materials that it needs. There is a great old saying; "You cant make bricks with out straw." No raw materials, no hormones, no hormones, then no periods. Try a good multiple vitamin from a real vitamin store. The cheap vitamins dont desolve, you end up wasting your money.

Lastly, consider any medication that you may be on. Birth control pills can stop periods in some women, but they can also smooth out irregularity and some of the other minor problems with the menstrual cycle. Getting on the pill may help.