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Panicking 18 yr old!!!!!

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I'm not sure if I should be worried or not. I started my period Dec. 16, 2010. I'm still on it. The blood comes out a deep red. It then comes out somewhat pink and then brown. I know this part might be a little too much information, but I itch down there too. There are bumps on the inside of the lips and they're kind of red. It looks like some type of rash spreaded from the vagina to my butt cheeks. There is a smell to the blood. Yesterday I had some sort of major cramp that wouldn't go away. I felt sick right away. It felt like I had a major gas blockage or something. I've also been under a large amount of stress. Please help me!!!!!


Yea Jan, this situation may really cause u to panic. but u need to put urself together and handle it.

is ur problem solved yet?