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PMS but no period only brown spotting

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I'm getting really depressed with what's happening to me, I'm 3 days late though I have been feeling bloated and getting cramps. I have been spotting brown for the past 3 days too.

Here's a summary of my recent period/intercourse:

Last unprotected sex: September 20, 2010
Last period: October 10, 2010. (It wasn't heavy as usual but there were blood clots, only lasted for 2 days. Usually my period lasts 5 days. I was down with fever and flu during this time)
Unprotected but used pull-out method: October 24, 2010

Out of paranoia because of my weird period, took an HPT on October 26, 2010 and it was negative.

I have been really stressed and tired recently with shifting schedule (morning to night shift)

I'm a little scared to see an OB. I'm afraid of what I might find out.

I hope you can shed some light on this :(



I apologize for my long post :(


Ok, from the sounds of it you could very well be pregnant. I am going through the same thing but I know I am and just haven't tested possitive just yet (and I'm almost 2 weeks late) I got pregnant using the pull out method, it is very common for that to happen. It is possible for it to take up to a full month of actually being late to get a possitive.


Thank you for your response. Would there be any other reasons aside from pregnancy why one would be delayed?


Yes, ovarian systs, fibroids, severe yeast infections, there are many reasons why your period can be delayed. That is why it it so important to go to the doctor if you don't start and get a blood test to confirm if you are or not. But ROUGH sex shortly before your period can also make you late. I wish you the best of luck!


I'm still getting brown discharge, so I got an appointment with the doctor tomorrow. I can definitely rule out rough sex. Thank you again for taking time to respond. :)


Just to give an update and close this thread. On day 14 i took another HPT and it was negative, so I saw the doctor again, we did an ultrasound an apparently an ovarian cyst that was caused by hormonal imbalance due to my body not releasing progesterone.

I'm currently on medications to help with progesterone. Hopefull I'll get AF within 10 days.

Thank you ♥