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PMS Medication

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Is there a medicine/pill for PMS? Will it make PMS go away?


I dont know if there is medicine for PMS. but you can try exercising as this increases pain tolerance and stamina


some women get headaches when they pms so i guess you can take aspirin for this...for the others like tender breasts or can only wait for the period to start and they will go away


avoid salty foods when you feel bloaty :(


#1) Diet in low-fat food, leafy vegetables and fruits
#2) Taking in lots of calcium daily
#3) Vitamin B &E.; Lots of it too!
#4) Serafem, equivalent to Prozac (go see a physician first)

These are some I remember for reducing PMS. Search fo the specifics on this to help you out.


Never heard of a pill that makes pms go away... if there were, then the person who invented it would get a Nobel Prize or something n.n