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What all can cause a late period?


What all can cause a late period?


Its sad to say, but nobody really knows why women have early and late periods. When doctors don't know something, they simply say what sounds good. They will suggest stress, changes in eating or sleeping habits, and things of that nature.

Your period is controlled by hormones in your blood. These hormones are manufactured bu your ovaries and by the brain. The brain senses the amount of hormone in your blood and either releases more or less depending upon what it senses. Since its also a cycle the brain releases the hormones in the correct amounts and at the right times in order to start the uterus wall thickening, control the release of the egg, and start the shedding process that is basically what a period is.

Ok, now lets look at it logically. How can this system break down.

1) Not enough hormone in the blood. This can be by being very overweight. More body means more blood, which means the hormone factory has to be able to keep up, and it cant. Or the hormone factory cant produce the hormone because your diet doesn't provide it the raw material it needs to produce the hormone with. You cant make something out of nothing.

2) Conflicting signals, Your getting hormones from another source. The McClintock effect, is where women who live together begin having their periods at the same time. They synchronize. I believe this is caused by hormone contamination between the women. Some plastics leach a chemical that mimics estrogen. Green Teas and some plants and herbs contain phytoestrogens. These chemicals floating randomly in your bloodstream can cause conflicting signals. Result irregular periods.

3) The clocks flashing 12:00. The brain controls the entire menstrual cycle and repeats it every 28 days. How does it do this? It doesn't have a clock, its not counting Mississippi's every second of every day. Its my guess that it watches the pattern of light and darkness. Its looking for a certain amount of daylight and darkness in order to keep the count. It could also be keeping count by your sleep cycles. If its wrong about what day it is then your cycles definitly going to be off.

Its my opinion that most irregular periods are caused by this third reason. But I'm no doctor, just a person who knows things and can think logically about the things that I know.