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Long periods...

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Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this and if they found something that was helpful...I have found that my periods have been 'starting' with a light, brownish discharge that last for a couple of days before becoming a 'normal' period which last for 3 to 4 days...then back to a brown/red discharge for a few days again before tapering off...the entire process is lasting 10+ days in total...and it's getting rather annoying. Does anyone know of something that could help??


p.s. I don't want to use oral contraceptives anymore so am looking for something other than that!


I dont know of a way to do this without the pill. My sister used to have 8 days long periods, but after she took BCP, she only has periods for 3-5 days plus her cramps have become significantly less painful than before. If you find a way, please post it here...


there are low dose pills... maybe you can take some of those. its better than suffering through a 10 day period!


I used to be on the pill because my period was irregular. After being on the pill, my periods regularized and were almost always on time. There are lots of benefits going on the pill. It can also make your skin clearer and be pimple free. You should at least consider trying if you are below 35 years old.