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Late period, tiny amount of spotting, and pain

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So I was on the pill for along time. After I went of my period was very regular (28 day cycle) for 2 cycles then the third was a week and a day late but I was getting married so I was probably stressed. It has now been 41 days since my last period. I have been having a lot of cramping, which I don't really get much, horrible lower back and hip pain, and spotted a very tiny bit today. But I took a couple HPT's over the past few weeks and all negative. Any ideas?


Sorry, let me fix that. I was on the pill for a long time. After I went off my pill my period was very regular....


Take a preg test....


i have noticed my periods going to delay last 2 3 months somtime on the date and somtime above the date for 2 three days.i dont know why i am not taking any pill i am 27years old unmarried.plz help i am worriod.and there quantitiy is also weight is 65kg and height is 5 2 and a half.plz guide.i gain 2 kg weight total is 65kg.i am worried all the time about my over weight and and do excercises but not diet.plz reply


About the late period, maybe you are stressed. Stress can delay your period and can sometimes cause hormonal imbalance.

As for the weight, diet and exercise go hand in hand so to lose weight faster, curtail your eating and exercise at least 4x a week.