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Late 'Period' to Missed Period

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Back in June I recieved my period about 1 - 1 1/2wks after it was supposed to arrive. It was shorter, steadily much lighter and everything I feel durring a period never came. Two months later I have had yet to recieve another period - however the HPs I've taken all came negative. Going to get a test done at the doctors but until then; what could this possibly mean?


I'd also like to make note that we are pretty much trying to concieve. So we are not using any BC, as well as the fact we're near being active daily.

I've been... Craving garlic, you could say - garlic on almost everything has been wonderful. Easily bloated, easily tired out and definitely not fitting clothes properly.


Could be a mild infection.

Semen changes the natural PH of the vagina. If you play every day, the PH changes every day. Change in PH means less protection from bacteria. And there is a foreign object (Your man) being inserted everyday as well. This could be a bacteria source.

Just my thoughts.

Oh, by the way, Garlic is a natural antibiotic.