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Late Period--common cold?

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My period is late by about 5 days and I have the common cold (probably from the changes in temperature outdoors). I got the cold about a day before I was supposed to start my period and I'm not severely sick. It's just the typical runny nose, drained energy, sore throat, sort of hard to hear (happens nearly every time I get sick)... I don't think I have ever really gotten sick on the days when I was supposed to have a period so I'm not too sure what to expect.

Plus I have recently started playing with my dog by running around with her for about ten or more minutes these past few weeks and I have been trying to wean myself into a raw food diet and have been eating a little more fruits and vegetables than I have in a long time.

My fiance and I have been using condoms and have been trying to be careful. What are the chances of me getting pregnant if we messed up with the condoms?

Could any of this have to do with my period being late?


I will be very grateful if someone will help give me a little knowledge ^^ Please & Thank You!


it depends on how you use them. If you kept his penis away from your vagina until the condom was on, and the condom didn't break, you are safe. There have been a lot of missed periods and late periods this month. I wouldn't worry about it until at least ten days late.