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Late Period Panic

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How late does your period need to be before you panic? I personally panic at 5 days...paranoid huh?


If your doing something fishy then...1 week max, but if not then 2 weeks?


The longest I waited was 2 weeks, but I was on the pill so I was not really panicking. But I did take a preg test to be sure. I think i got delayed because of stress :)


around 3-5 days only. yeah I know...paranoid!


In times of drought (ie no sex) i dont really care...LOL!


haha...drought. so if it's lots of sex its a deluge? LOL!

I use birth control so I don't have a panic period.


have you been "bad" ellen? hehe dont panic unless you have been bad!


I agree with Faith! haha!


As farrah said, if ive been bad, then I would panic 2-3 days after the expected date...but ive been good i would panic because there is another reason!!! haha! Paranoid much???


when i was single I used to panic 3 days after the expected date. i would imagine some worst case scenarios.

for this pregnancy, i checked with a home pregnancy test 1 week after i missed my period.


hi.. I usually get my periods on the 23rd-25th days although i go through the 28-day cycle.. now it is the 28th day but still i am not having any sign of my period. I had a gas trouble a week ago with heavy stomach pain. I had ENO and got relieved from it. I am thinkng of taking a pregnancy home-test tomorrow. Wat do you think?