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I am a women of 28 years old and i have my last period on 29th of august to 2 th of september and i have sex on the 9th of september but we use a condom but till now i did not get my period is there any chance of getting pregnancy or what, i don\'t want a child at this time what should i do.


If you used the condom correctly you should be safe. By correctly I mean that his bare penis never got near your vagina until after the condom was put on.

As far as your cycle. According to the Standard Days method, you can get pregnant from the 7th to the 20th day in your cycle. Day 1 being the first day of your period. That is a 14 day window and the 9th of September is almost dead center of of that time period. So, if you did not use the condom the chances of you getting pregnant would have been very, very high. Thank god for the invention of rubber, right?

To let you know, the Standard Days Method is the newer version of the Rhythm Method and only works for women who have regular periods between 26 to 31 days apart. Women with unpredictable periods CAN NOT rely on this method. It is a tool that is very useful when helping to tell if a woman could be pregnant.