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IUD and late period. . .

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kinda fraking out, now 4 days late but i have an iud...

any ideas about what might be going on?


I am having the same thing.. But I am a month late. People have been telling me its stress but I dunno.. I have had mine in for about 5-6 months and havnt missed one til now. But I could understand the stress could have something to do with it because of christmas.


I've been reading through loads of articles related to missed periods & IUDs etc, but am very glad to find a recent post that I can join in on.
I was wondering whether either of you have done a pregnancy test and if so what was the result?

I had the copper coil for roughly 5 years, fitted 9or so months after the birth of my little girl.
I had no problems with it what so ever, although my periods became loads heavier they also started to run like clock work :-)
I had it replaced in November 2009 and again, no problems.
Periods not SO heavy but running like clockwork ....

UNTIL 3 weeks ago!

I have done 2 pregnancy tests, both of which say negative.
Apart from my boobs getting a bit bigger I have no other 'signs' of pregnancy.
I didn't have 'signs' when I was pregnant before, so apart from missing my period (which is unusual) I'm not sure what to do.

I undertand that the chances of getting pregnant with a coil fitted are slim...but there is still that slight chance.

I'd love to hear what you might have to say...