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Help!! 2 months is way to much!!

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Hi, im 19 and i've had normal periods since i have started. But in may is when i started my regular period and it is now August and have NOT stop. And i i've gone to the doctor but they tell me they can not see me until my period has stop. What should i do? im worried.


Hey, well, I can't say anything to help you but maybe make you feel better. My friend had that happen to her. Only she's 14 had her periods normal then id go for a while then stop the start early and only go for a day and it was just insane. All she has to do is take a certain kind of birth control that makes the period very regular and take some other pill. She is still able to have kids and everything. Hope this helped! (:


I would get a different doctor. My doctor says that it is not a big deal to get an exam while your period as long as it isn't a heavy flow.