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Heavy Period and Toxic Shock

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Is it true that heavy periods can cause toxic shock syndrome?


yeah if you lose too much blood you can go into TSS!


Actually, heavy periods have nothing to do with TSS. It is caused by a bacteria that poisons the blood leading to TSS. Although it is rare, people who suffer from TSS usually have low immune systems.


I also saw on the internet that TSS is more prevalent among women who use tampons. But Linda is right, it is pretty rare.


Oh wow really! I never knew putting on a tampon would carry a risk like that! Eye opener!


I googled toxic shock and even though it is rare they said that tampon users are more prone because of the bacteria that can reside in the tampons. this is also why other women go for reusable pads and sponges. there is a nice discussion going on about reusable sanitary products on another thread here in epigee :)


so it's tampon rather than heavy bleeding. good to know that its rare! thanks guys!


so how did the bacteria get in there anyways?


i researched it a bit and found out that the bacteria likes the protien in menstrual blood. plus the vagina's ph is weakened because of low ph so it can get in there easily. it is associated with use of tampons :(


wow bacteria are getting smart too! i never know that you could get this while on a tampon. I change frequently, will this lessen the risk?


OMG I use tampons for my period!


so the bacteria crawls up to the tampon and then what? what are the symptoms for this?