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HELP! does this sound like a miscarraige?

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hi... i'm in my early 20s, my husband and i have been trying to get pregnant for about 1-and-half years now... my period was really regular, except the last one i had was over 2 months ago. during the month i missed, i was extremely naucious, and had wild cravings, and bloating. i took a pregnancy test two weeks later, and it came up negative. two days later, i got my period, which was REALLY heavy. i would put in 2 super tampons at the same time (only did that twice) and still bleed through each hour and have to change. the next day, i had to do a girl's hair for a wedding, and fainted in the middle of it, plus felt super-naucious, and almost threw up. my cramps were so bad, i couldn't stand. then i started passing HUGE clots. one was about half the size of the palm of my hand. ...i haven't had clots like this since i was 14 (when i started my period)
does this sound like a miscarraige?


Having had two miscarriages, yes, that does sound like it could have been a miscarriage. While it isn't what I would consider an emergency thing unless you are still bleeding clots like that, I would go to a doctor to be checked out. Most doctors recommend a bit of a wait following a miscarriage before trying again to get pregnant.

Also, if it was a miscarriage, understand that miscarriages are not that unusual. Many, many women have at least one, and while it's wrenching, and scary, that does not necessarily mean there will continue to be problems with pregnancy. Usually a miscarriage is the body's way of taking care of a defective pregnancy of some kind. If there are repeated ones, though, that's an issue to discuss with your dr.

I strongly encourage you to get a check-up, make sure everything is a-ok, and then move forward with your plans for a family. Best of luck to you, and I'm sorry you had to go through that experience!