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Depo--sex--and missed period

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I have been on depo since NOV 2009
I was supposed to get a shot btwn Oct 4th and Oct 18th and ended up not getting another shot until November 4th, the doctor told me not to have [unprotected] sex until 2 WEEKS have passed, and of course I had it anyway on Nov 5th. my partner did not Cum inside of me though but I have not had a period since October 29th and it was heavy and lasted for 4 days.

(my periods are usually irregular though I went months without having one when I first started Depo.)

I took a HPT on Nov 20th and it was Negative..

I have been feeling nauseated and back has been hurting some days, stressed because i have had no period and moody and no period.

Could I be preggo, or did the depo cause me to miss my shot?