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Could I be pregnant?

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miss maclean

i had sex with my boyfriend without protection.i didnt let him ejaculate be4 i told him to stop becos i wasnt confortable with the sex without cycle is irregular: ranging from 29 to 35 days between cycles.i havent had my menses yet and im not feeling ok with it.i hvae tested for pregnancy using the over-the-counter pregnancy test kit and it says im not pregnant but i know that these tests have 99% chances of success but im worried about the 1% chance.what do i do?


Well i missed my period. I took a test and it said it was negative.It has been at least 6 weeks since my last period it should have been here by now?? Did i take the test to soon or could it be something else i am really confused!


Pcetkosky: I sorry but to me i think u might be pregnany. u should go to a doctor.


Miss maclean: I think u havent anything to worrie about. If u feel like u need to see a doctor then u should u know ur body best!