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Clomid a treatment for infertility.

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Clomid Information
Clomid (chlomiphene citrate) [generic Clomid] is the most commonly used drug to treat infertility. It induces ovulation to help pregnancy. Clomid is not a steroid, it is slightly soluble in water and soluble in ethanol. Two generic isomers combine to form chlomiphene citrate[generic Clomide], it also contains 30-50% of cis - isomer. Each Clomid tab is white in color, contains 50mg of clomiphene citrate and other ingredients like magnesium sterarate, pregelatinized cornstarch, cornstarch, lactose and sucrose.

Clomid can be used by athletes and professional body builders after a steroid cycle for improvements in recovery phase of natural testosterone production.

Clomid is also used to treat polysystolic ovary disorder which may cause infertility. Other cases of infertility can be treated with Clomid as an alternative to expensive and invasive treatments. Clomid only stimulates ovulation, so if the fallopian tubes in a female are blocked it is no use to be using Clomid, alternative treatment should be sought.

Main factors contributing to infertility are low quality egg cells, ovulation failure and multiple miscarriages. Similarly in men sperm count and quality can be low and lead to infertility. Side effects caused by Clomid are not too bad, mostly hot flashes, tenderness in the breast, nausea and mood swings. After the treatment is stopped the side effects stop too. The side effects to worry about are having multiple pregnancies, 10% chances of having twins and a 1% chance of triplets or multiples.

Clomid decreases the quality of cervical mucus required for sperm transport to the egg. Clomid also thins the walls of the uterus which is unfavorable for implantation.

Clomid kick starts ovulation in about 80% of patients, it takes around 6 cycles of use till a women gets pregnant.

Before prescribing a dosage of generic Clomid, your practitioner will consider the following factors: - brain tumors, ovarian cysts, polysystolic ovary disorder syndrome, fibroids, depression, liver damage, irregular flow of periods and allergies. Also let your practitioner know if you are breast feeding, pregnant or on any sort of medication or supplements.

Note: Clomid is a Category X medication, likely to harm the unborn baby.

If you buy Clomid there are a few disadvantages too from this medication. Clomid may cause changes in vision, blurring in vision and spotty vision. This could make it difficult for driving and operating machinery. Few disadvantages of taking Clomid are

Weight gain

Hot flashes

Mood swings