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Can you get pregnent if on BC and have irregular periods

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I've been on birth control for over 1 year now, changed 3 different brands, and have been having irregular periods since. I have been on Ortho Tri-cyclan, Yaz and now on a generic version of yaz. I have been getting my period about 2 weeks into the pills for the month and then again durring the sugar pills. I was told that as long as you take your pills every day at around the same time, irregular periods is not an issue that could cause pregnancy. However, I am now four months into the generic version of Yaz pills and this month I have not gotten my period, the sugar pills start today but I have had no sign's of my period yet. Is the information I received incorrect? Or is it still safe to have unprotected sex as long as you take your pills regulary?


You should be ok, as long as you didn't miss any pills. It may just be that the Yas pills your on now has smoothed out your hormone levels and straightened out your cycle. Yas is known for starting the periods soon after starting the sugar pills, so you should see one soon.

I'm curious as to why you changed brands three times in a year. Did you have problems with the other brands?


No I didn't miss any, I'm on day 3 of the sugar pills and so far nothing. Just a little hint of spotting I noticed this morning, but it has since stopped.

I changed from Ortho to Yaz because I was experiancing emotional issues with the Ortho pills. I was starting to feel depressed and angry. Since I changed to Yaz that part has pretty gone away :o). Then I changed to a generic version of Yaz to save myself over $90 a month.


I know its nerve wracking. A few days is nothing to worry about. If you don't see your period in ten days you can always take a test. You have been very responsible and took proper precautions. There is almost no chance your pregnant.


I just wanted to say thank you for this information. I finally got my period late last night!! I want children someday but not just yet haha. Thank you again.


hopeful23 i just wanted to let you know that it is never safe to have unprotected sex. EVER! even if your on bc, unless u r married.this is how people get "sick". I work in a clinic and a lot of women come in and find out that they have contracted a disease. they wonder how? and why? I am on bc-does not proctect you from diseases of any kind only helps prevent pregnancy.