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After Menopuase

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After menopause, what now? I mean the symptoms will go away and life goes on but, would you still feel like a woman?


i dont see how anything would change. i mean we are still alive right and this is worth celebrating. look at the bright side, no need to worry about pregnancy and cramps!!! hehe. and a woman is more than just her period!!!


of course. I imagine that life after menopause would be more carefree like fiona said no more periods or cramps to worry about. with proper care and support life during and after menopause should be just as full as before :)


I dont see how it should affect "woman-ness". Its just a phase plus, we women are strong and we can weather anything! Its just the beginning of another adventure.


its not the end of anything, rather post menopause is just the start of another adventure!!!


I like the adventurous spirit!!! Menopause should be liberating not debilitating! No more periods, no more cramps!!!