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2 Missed periods

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Hi, I am from a well to do family and never have thought of taking any sexual intercourse before my marriage. I haven't got my periods since last 2 months and very much worried about it. Here goes the whole story which is making me confused. I was in India for last 24 years, for my last period there on 6th August. Moved to US for my higher studies in the colder region. I have to work here a lot so am stressed out both physically and mentally (which was very less for me when I was in India). On 29th of August, God knows why and what made me thought of this, I was alone with my BF and we kissed each other say about 3-4 times with our clothes on, this might also have made saliva exchange thru lips. Thereafter I haven't got my periods which was supposed to come around 6th Sept and still haven't as 6th Oct is very near. I have read at many sites that kissing does not make a girl pregnant, so initially I felt it could be due to weather change or me being extra stressed out. But now its almost 2 months and am feeling very much guilty on what I did. The thought is scaring me saying that I might be pregnant. Am I pregnant? Is there any way out to confirm this? Please help me soon as I am getting very much emotionally depressed due to this and also am not able to concentrate on my studies. Please help me.


First of all, welcome to the United States.

I'm sad to have to tell you that you are dangerously uneducated about sex. It's my opinion that your parents have been completely irresponsible. Here is the basic truth. The only way that you can get pregnant is if you allow a man to place his semen inside your vagina. The man makes semen in his balls. Which are between his legs. During sex rubbing on his penis causes him to shoot several globs of semen out of his penis. These sticky globs have to get into your vagina some how for you to get pregnant. That's it.

There is no other way. Kissing is fine. Your safe. Now, why are you so late? It's possible that someone took advantage of your inexperience. Drugged you, or took advantage of you in some other way. Go to a drug store or a walmart and buy a pregnancy test. They cost around $20. Take off the cap and pee on the stick. Wait the amount of time it says on the box and read the result. It's generally a five minute test, then you will know for sure.

It may just be that your body isn't used to the poisonous environment here in the USA. There are a lot of drugs in the drinking water here and poisons in the food we eat. Your body Is not used to that.

Last, use the Internet. Research sex. Learn about it. The belief that only low class girls have sex, may or may not be wrong, but sex is something you have to know about. You have to learn what's dangerous. What can get you sick and what can seriously harm you. Sex us fun, and feels great, but what you don't know, can kill you. Can you identify when anal sex is safe? Can you tell herpes on someones lips or penis? Do you know what 14 days during the month you can get pregnant?